Learn Spanish Fast

So You Want to Learn Spanish...

On this website, I will tell you about a small, carefully selected group of programs and books that can help you to learn Spanish fast.

Do you think you are...

  • too poor at languages?
  • too old to remember vocabulary?
  • or too rushed for time to learn Spanish?

You aren't! All you need to start is enough motivation that you will follow the proven methods. A great deal is known about how adults learn second languages, and the programs I recommend here are created based on this knowledge.

They use methods to get you to learn Spanish fast. They are fun to do, too. Once you get into any of these programs, the satisfaction of success will likely motivate you even more.

Why Should You Believe Me?

I'm an American writer who spends a lot of time in Mexico, where I use my Spanish every day I'm there. (That's me chatting with a friendly young Mexican woman in the logo photograph.) 

I've been a reference librarian and a time management teacher:

  • As a librarian, I know how to evaluate quality.
  • My background in time management will help you get started and keep going as you learn Spanish.

You can read more about my professional background on the About Us page, but the real question is...

How to Start Learning Spanish?

Take a look at the tips, proven techniques, or reviews. The site is designed so you can start anywhere and skip around.

Probably the most popular program I review is Rocket Spanish. I also like Fluenz Spanish for a multi-media computer program. The links take you to my reviews of these programs.

Do get yourself a copy of my free ebook, 5 Keys to Learning Spanish Rapidly, using the form on the upper right hand side of most pages. It should really help you work on learning Spanish, whether you are beginning or advanced. 

Your gentle encouragement is just what I need to get off my duff and start working again on my Spanish.
Christy Wiseman
Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico

You may want to consider the pros and cons of learning via Spanish programs compared to taking a Spanish class. Whatever method you chose is less important than that you do something to get going and learn Spanish fast!

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5 keys to learning spanish rapidly
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